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AKW Financial’s Outsourced CFO services connects your business to executive-level financial operations with 20 years of experience and knowledge. Our financial team manages and streamlines virtually any process. From basic bookkeeping to in-depth strategic planning, we focus on your finances and set your business on the path to greater success.

Owners of growing businesses wear many hats. Juggling various areas of operations often means some tasks do not get your full attention. Our services are designed to support growing businesses by taking the financial dimension of operations and optimizing it with precision. 

By focusing on your finances and employing best practices, we can then provide key insights into your business strategy that elevate all other aspects of your growth.

Our CFO Services

The greatest benefit an AKW Fractional CFO will bring to your organization is a high level of financial strategy. While most other finance roles in your organization involve maintaining past and present financial records, a CFO is focused on the long-term strategy of your organization. 

We are here to help. We serve companies of all sizes. Give us a call today at 515-671-2952.

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