AKW Financial
AKW Financial
Financial & Business Management

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Whether you want to maintain some responsibility or outsource everything, AKW will do the legwork for all your accounting and bookkeeping needs. 

Cash & Accrual Accounting

AKW will take care of your books whether you use the cash-basis or accrual-basis of accounting. This means that they will manage all of your open customer invoices and unpaid vendor bills

Monthly Reconciliations

We will go through the process of comparing your bank and credit card statements to your accounts in accounting software to ensure that they match. AKW will identify all discrepancies and ensure that they are reconciled to the penny each month.

Financial Statements

You will have access to any of your financial reports at any time.  AKW will build these reports including Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet Statement and Cask Flow Statement

Accounting Software Setup

Create a custom chart of accounts, Create a custom items list, Migrate data from your old accounting, Setup all customers and vendors. Zoho Books and Quickbooks experts

Expense Management

AKW will ensure that all payments made for business expenses are categorized to the appropriate account on the chart of accounts list.

Class & Location Tracking

If you need detailed reporting by department, product line, or locations, AKW can create customized reports to provide you with this type of reporting